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Week in Tech
The Xbox One Eighty, Facebook snaps and iPhone gets Office

What's worth $290 billion and goes SCREEECH WHEEEEE VROOM? Microsoft doing a U-turn over Xbox One DRM. The decision (which wags dubbed an Xbox 180) did away with always-online and limits preowned games.

Meanwhile, the PRISM scandal rumbled on with yet more denials, this time from Google. But the company had its own privacy problems this week, as officials in several countries signed an open letter to CEO Larry Page about concerns with Glass.

If you’re more nonchalant about your privacy, you may well be on Facebook, which this week enabled photo uploads to comment threads. At first we were like *sadface* but then we were like *picture of amused cat* and our friends were like *photo of bored dog in a canoe wearing a hat at a jaunty angle*.

Is it just us feeling chilly? No, because HELL FROZE OVER: after just six short years Microsoft Office is now available on iPads, and this week it turned up in the UK app store. Seems it’s been a mind-changing week in Redmond.

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Week in Tech: The Xbox One Eighty, Facebook snaps and iPhone gets Office
Talking points: Apple fan goes Android, 10 most-wanted next-gen games, iOS 7 on iPad and PS4 pre-orders
Competition: WIN! One of 25 EVAP Smartphone Rescue Packs
The week's best buys: Google Nexus 10, Panasonic Lumix GF6 and Intel Core i7-4770K
Top 10: 40 and 42-inch TV
Talking points
Can a week living with Android convince an iOS die-hard to make the switch?
Writer Gary Marshall has owned almost every iPad and iPhone. But Android phones have topped our Best phones in the world list for some time now, so is the grass greener on the Google side? There's only one way to find out. Lock up the Apples! Find out how Marshall's Apple-free week worked out. Read more
10 games for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U we're super excited about
E3 2013 is over, leaving a dustcloud of next-gen gaming goodness in its wake. But which titles were the ones to really catch TechRadar's eye this year? Here are 10 upcoming games from this year's E3 for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U that we can't wait to arrive. Read more
This is what iOS 7 will look like on iPad
Apple hasn't said when the iOS 7 beta will hit the iPad, but some savvy developers have run an emulator to see what the software will look like. The Control Center panel is the most noticeably different, arraying its icons horizontally rather than stacked as they are on the narrower iPhone screen. Read more
PS4 bundles go up for pre-order, still cheaper than the Xbox One console
Amazon has put some Launch Day Edition PS4 bundles up for pre-order. After selling out of its stocks of game-free Launch Day consoles, the retailer has added bundles including Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Watch Dogs. As for the price, well all that is still cheaper than the Microsoft Xbox One. Read more
WIN! One of 25 EVAP Smartphone Rescue Packs
Water is a smartphone’s worst enemy. The innovative new EVAP Rescue Pouch safely removes moisture from soaked electronics, and has been shown in lab tests to save up to 90 per cent of water-damaged devices.
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WIN! A BlackBerry Z10
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WIN! A Mac mini and a bundle of MacPaw apps
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The week's best buys

The Nexus 10 takes on the iPad in the 10-inch segment and joins the Google Nexus 7 on the virtual Play Store shelves. With a stunning screen and a lower price, is this the tablet you should be craving?.
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The Panasonic GF6 is one of the best compact system cameras currently on the market. Image quality is fantastic, while its outstanding usability makes it one of the more pleasurable cameras to shoot with.
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Intel's new Haswell chips are all about mobile computing prowess. And it shows. This desktop variant is only a very small step forward, but it's still a great CPU and the only option at this price point..
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What you said about moving from Apple
to Android
@BarronHenley I have faith that you'll arrive at the correct decision (switch). ;)
@jasonhooper99 App match was closer than expected. I think HTC is the closest to iPhone for premium feel. iOS7 should pull Apple away.
@LegalTypist Lots of die hard Apple fans have converted to Android. Me? I'm still Palm and stressing over when my device dies!
Top  10  40 and 42-inch TVs
Once known simply as 'plasma screens' in the collective consciousness, the 42-inch size is where the flatscreen dream started in the late 1990s - and where it's still at its most innovative and best.
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Panasonic TX-P50VT65

Despite the arrival of some intense competition this year, Panasonic has risen to the challenge with this new high-end plasma TV, delivering what for our money are the most cinematic 50-inch pictures we've seen. For film fans who can control their light levels, the Panasonic TX-P50VT65 is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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Canon 700D

The Canon EOS 700D is a very capable and versatile camera that produces high quality images. It has a comprehensive feature set and affords all the control expected by enthusiast photographers while providing automatic hand-holding options for less experienced users.

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new issue out now
Rivalry doesn't get much bigger than Sony versus Microsoft. Will PS4 or Xbox One be the victor? We look at everything from the specs to the games to see which console will win the next-gen gaming war.

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