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- | June 26, 2013
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Resource Guide The myriad of end-user devices in today's workplace, school campuses, and other organizations is great for end-user experience and flexibility, but wreaks havoc on the IT staff who have to manage them and implement BYOD policies. Download this free 30 day trial of Ericom's AccessNow HTML5 RDP zero client. Access Windows applications and desktops on iPad, Chromebooks, Android - any HTML5-enabled device, using any modern web browser. Download the trial today to discover why this is a big deal.

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Seeking quick access to applications with high graphic content over WAN, e.g., PDF, PPT, 2-D applications, streaming video and Flash? Give Ericom Blaze a shot with a free 30 day trial. It's a great way to accelerate RDP sessions by up to ten times.
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If your version of Citrix Presentation Server / XenApp is nearing end of life, or you're just looking for a remote desktop services tool that's far less costly and complex than Citrix, give PowerTerm WebConnect a shot with this free 30 day trial.
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With Ericom AccessNow you can deliver universal, browser-based access to Windows desktops and applications hosted on Citrix XenApp (4.5 and higher) and XenDesktop from Chromebooks and any other endpoint device with any HTML5 browser. Learn more now.
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Mobile device adoption has given rise to the escalating BYOD trend and shows no signs of slowing. HTML5 and other technologies, offer organizations new best practices, solutions and hope for navigating and succeeding in the BYOD landscape.
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