Backup and Recovery Changes Drive IT Infrastructure and Business Transformation

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- | June 28, 2013
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Whitepaper IT executives and administrators are under increasing pressure to reduce capital and operational expenditures and develop more predictable processes - while also delivering more and better services to an increasingly diverse set of users. This IDC Whitepaper provides an overview of the forces driving change within today's IT organizations and datacenters and discusses how backup and recovery can enable - or hinder - broader IT infrastructure and business transformation. Read more now.

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This eBook is designed to help you understand the impact of backup transformation, what key steps to take before and during the journey, and why EMC is uniquely qualified to provide the guidance you need.
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Organizations face many challenges as they balance requirements for disk-based backup, long-term backup retention and cost-effective archiving. EMC Data Domain Systems support long-term backup retention while providing a foundation for supporting new archiving workloads.
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EMC Corporation was experiencing a number of challenges in its legacy backup environment. Read this case study to learn about the benefits EMC realized by using its own backup and recovery solutions leveraging deduplication technology. Learn more now.
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According to ESG's 2013 IT Spending Intentions Survey, improving data backup and recovery was considered a top IT priority - second only to information security initiatives. View this ESG white paper now to learn more.
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