Face off: shadowy data theft, and Ellen Page wants her ID back

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Week in tech
Face off: shadowy data theft, and Ellen Page wants her ID back

It's been a shadowy old week, with pointy fingers emerging from all sorts of quarters. First up, actress Ellen Page accused PS3 game The Last of Us of stealing her face. Some of us think that Ellie (the character in question) looks more like Ashley Johnson, who plays her. But we appreciate that seeing what looks like your face chewed off could be uncomfortable.

Elsewhere, patron saint of the internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee advised against complacency in the face of government and corporate "online spying". Meanwhile, Facebook has found yet another way to get all up in our business - through our friends. Even if your profile is blank, Facebook can still "shadow profile" you by nabbing your contact details from a friend's address book or recording searches of your name. It’s legally murky and pretty terrifying.

In among this depressing news, the good stuff: we took a hands-on look at the Xperia Z Ultra, Sony's new tiny-tablet-massive-phone mash-up, and liked it. Sony also unveiled the SmartWatch 2 this week. Finally, an alternative to the soon-to-be-late Google Reader is on the cards - from Digg. Keep an eye on TR for our round-up of the best Reader alternatives.

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Week in Tech: Face off: shadowy data theft, and Ellen Page wants her ID back
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Talking points
10 overlooked Xbox One features you should know about
Microsoft finally backed away Xbox One's stringent used game policy and daily check-ins, but in the firestorm, many of the most exciting features were overlooked. Change that now with our run-down of the reasons to want an Xbox One. Read more
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Hands on: Windows 8.1 review
We've finally had some hands-on time with an official build of Windows 8.1 - and yes, many of the rumours and leaks are accurate. The Start button is back, you can boot to the desktop and SkyDrive is built in to sync files. Read more
Seriously, why is a decent Android tablet so hard to find?
Have you any idea how hard it is to buy the perfect Android tablet (asks TR columnist Phil Lavelle)? This is where Apple fan boys say: "Buy an iPad." But what if you don't want an iPad? What if you prefer Android or just fancy something a little bit different? There's loads of choice. But there are also loads of boxes left unticked. Read more
WIN! One of 25 EVAP Smartphone Rescue Packs
Water is a smartphone’s worst enemy. The innovative new EVAP Rescue Pouch safely removes moisture from soaked electronics, and has been shown in lab tests to save up to 90 per cent of water-damaged devices.
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The i5-4670K is faster than the old 3570K, and only costs slightly more, so surely it's a worthy successor? Well, yes and no. The improvements are too small to be truly exciting, but even so the new Intel Core i5-4670K is our new favourite all-round gaming CPU.
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Panasonic is known for quickly refreshing its cameras lineup. The GF series, which is the company's beginner option, was last upgraded roughly 12 months ago, so it's no surprise to see the replacement Panasonic GF6 making an appearance now.
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This is the fastest, most secure, most battery friendly version of Windows 8. It's also a bold move to head off the danger of Windows becoming irrelevant in a tablet future, by giving you the best of both worlds. Keep an open mind and we defy you not to be impressed by Windows 8.
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What could tempt an iOS fan to Android?
@Giles_Lewis I've had my ASUS Transformer for a couple of years now and I'm still very happy with it. Using it less now I'm on the Note 2 tho.
@onybhoy610 Nexus 7.
@Mr_Rob_Johnson The Xperia Z, made even better with a Sony TV to flick media through the air to. I got the Sony S!
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Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Touch

Haswell, Intel's fourth-generation Core processors refresh, is a chip family looking to redefine Ultrabooks once again. Where does this leave normal laptops, though? Is there still room for a machine that focuses on actually getting a job done? Enter, if you please, the Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Touch..

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